Meet Kim


Kim Boaz is not your average bookkeeper

A creative mind, a dreamer, a caring spirit, a doer, a thinker, and a people lover. Kim doesn’t give up easily and is passionate about everything she does. Kim is a small business owner who loves to share her 15+ years of knowledge and expertise with other small business owners to help them succeed.

Kim was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon - home of the Ducks - and is a University of Oregon Alumni. She first discovered her love for numbers in high school and eagerly began majoring in Accounting when she arrived at University of Oregon. Halfway through her college years, Kim realized she also had a passion for creativity and business planning. To incorporate her three loves, she received a Bachelors of Science in Management & Marketing from the Lundquist College of Business. It took her 5 years, 2 summers, and working 2 jobs to earn her degree, but through her incredible perseverance, she did it.

After graduating, Kim jumped into a career in management and quickly learned it was not the best fit for her. She then went into operations for a company where she was able to utilize her skills and expertise in project planning. Taking the knowledge she learned in this position, Kim became a Corporate Trainer. This position had her on the road often, training various softwares and program roll outs. After exceeding in this position for several years, Kim met her soon-to-be husband, and with dreams of starting a family, Kim said good-bye to her amazing job on the road.

Putting her college degree to work once again, Kim joined forces with a friend and helped grow her friend’s bookkeeping business. During this time Kim found her love for numbers again. Kim helped her friend and mentor grow her business from 6 clients to 60 clients in two years and move from an office in a garage to an office building located in Tualatin, Oregon. After a situation that forced Kim’s friend to scale her business, it was time for another change.

In the beginning of 2007, scared, excited, and ready to put her passion and dreams into action, she began her own bookkeeping business, and Back to Basics Bookkeeping Service was formed. To this day she tells others, “starting my own bookkeeping business was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family. I found My Debits, My Credits, My Balance!”

In her spare time, Kim loves to be Classroom Party Mom, team “photographer” for her son’s baseball team, plan amazing parties for her boys, scrapbook, read, and try new things. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her family & friends.